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Staying competitive in today’s market place requires the constant ability to adapt to the evolution of mobile marketing. There are more than 16 million active mobile subscribers in the UAE; that’s almost 2 mobile lines per individual in the UAE! Hence, SMS Marketing is no longer a choice but a MUST for your Business.

SMS marketing gives you lightning-fast ability to reach customers instantly, alerting them of specials and promotions which will drive large groups of traffic, within minutes, to perform an action. Most mobile users have their phone within arm’s reach 24/7; so, whatever the message, there’s no chance of it sitting unopened in an inbox for long!
By using ARK IMPACT’s SMS Marketing you can show your customers you care — building a loyal following that leads to a profitable and sustainable business.


ARK IMPACT provides flexible SMS solution to clients ranging from big corporate & multinational companies, advertising & media agencies to small retail vendors. Our messaging system enables you to send outbound messages to your audience (PUSH service) as well as collect inbound contact information and messages (PULL service).

We provide premium, most updated database for SMS marketing. We know the importance of targeting your message to the right audiences. Provide us your required audience group details & leave the rest on us to find best contacts for you. We will determine which people are most likely to respond to your offer.


Short codes are special mobile numbers that are short and therefore easy to remember. You can rent a Dedicated Short Code for your application, which gives you exclusive usage and allow you to avoid involving your brand-name with others. You can also configure keywords on Shared Short codes which offer lower setup and monthly fees. Once setup, you can interact with your customers through a medium they already love at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional calls centres. We also offer Premium Short Codes which can be useful for contests, payment collections, surveys, and many of your other business requirements.


Long codes are 10-digit virtual mobile numbers that can be used for both SMS and voice communication. Setup your interactive voice application and make it available on a long code. Or publish your long code to your customers and interact with them over SMS. Long codes are globally accessible which means your customers around the world can now reach you.


Keywords allow your business to establish a cost-effective, two-way SMS communication channel while providing a unique identity to your business. Particularly, while using short codes, keywords distribute the incoming SMS between different clients.

We help to create and manage your keyword as well as create customized response messages to be sent to your users when they text in your keyword.Using keywords you can get customer feedback or run surveys to gauge customer satisfaction. All this at costs that are a fraction of what you might spend on other channels and through a medium that your customers are most comfortable with.


Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a GSM service that allows companies to offer a convenient interactive way from their mobiles to contact the companies and pay, enquire, and receive information about the company's different services and products. It’s a fantastic tool for providing Feedback, Survey, Logistics Tracking, Infotainment, Financial Transaction info etc. Our USSD solution is a unique tool which helps you to communicate with your customers where they too can revert in real time.

Developer API integration

We enable you to channel the power of our messaging and customer database platform into your applications, and integrate our features with your services. Our Messaging APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable your services to establish a two-way communication channel with your customers and employees through the universally accepted SMS channel to send customized and automated messages. Examples of outbound messaging include sending transaction alerts, order confirmations, product promotions, etc. Incoming messages can also be processed. The applications for messaging are constrained only by your imagination.