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SEO & Social Media Marketing

Think about how your brand is found online; the two biggest channels are search (Let’s Google it!) and social networks. Search engine optimization and social media are made for each other. Your website and social media channels must work together with keyword-rich content. If it helps attract search engines, it will help your search rankings and therefore increase the amount of traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is much more than just ranking well in Google. It's a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to website optimization that ensures potential customers who come to your site will have a good experience, find what they are looking for, and have an easy time sharing your high-quality content.

ARK IMPACT is one of the Guaranteed SEO services providers offering wide range of solutions for SEO. In today’s world, Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) have become lifelines of people who need their desired information on the web.

We will optimize your website and ensure it is focused on the correct keywords and built for correct indexing in the search engines. We do the lot; on-site, off-site, pay per click and Google Ads! We can bundle the costs up to make the most affordable SEO packages on the web.

Social Media Marketing

With an audience of millions, social media can build your online presence and strengthen brand credibility. Exposure is everything. Landing on your audience's news feed differentiates your business from everyone else. Effectively organizing your social campaigns and tying them together with new content on your site, optimized for search, can take you from zero visibility to a strong performing position almost overnight.

Our Social Media Marketing service includes:
  • Analysing Website
  • Preparing Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Regularly updating profiles and keeping them active
  • Monitoring and Responding to feedback of customers
  • Running attractive campaigns (Contests & Surveys) to engage customers